The link between scientific principles and your faith — and how you can make this work to aid your productivity.

Scientific principles are something that still govern my life. For some reason, it forms the basis of my understanding of a lot of things, the understanding of my thoughts, my…

It is quite fitting that the first post I publish on here is not only the description I put in my bio, but also my primary goal for the rest of my life.

‘2020 is the Year we never could have wanted, but one which we unfortunately needed’ — Praise’Gbemsiola

What 2020 taught me about my faith and at times, lack of it?

To put it simply, faith is something quite familiar to me. I always felt this; especially having grown and developed in the Pentecostal church. Faith was something we always raved about. Something everyone in the congregation could…

Praise Gbemisola

Engineer — Using principles from Scripture and Science to conceptualise a good quality of life. Mindfulness. Productivity and Personal Development tips.

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